Regional Communities

With offices in Geelong, Portland and Warrnambool, our staff have a unique perspective on the engineering challenges of our clients and the communities in which they are based. Our approach is one of Engineering in Context, as we work to ensure that engineering solutions are appropriate for the wider client and community context.

As a local business and with staff that live and work in these regional communities, PM Design is involved in a number of community support initiatives.

Read the Play

Read the Play is a major program to support young people with drug, alcohol and mental illness issues. Its mission statement is ‘to raise the awareness of young people’s health and behavioural issues and guide them to the relevant support services’.

Our partners in the initiative are Portland Junior Football Association, Glenelg Shire Council, Victoria Police, Kempe Engineering, PM Design Group, Geelong Cats, Bendigo Bank, SMC, Headspace, Coulter Roache Lawyers.

The program has been introduced into the Under 17 football league in the South West Region of Glenelg Shire of Victoria, Australia and its reach is about to be broadened.

Read the Play South West commenced in Portland 2012. A mental health information night for junior members is run within the football clubs.

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